Greetings to all my brothers and sisters from kom. I am learning a lot from your writings and it is painful that many do the have the chance to read what you are writing. After haven enjoyed lots of your writings I want to share the little I know about the formation of our  days. In September 2001 when I left the seminary and was still waiting for a call I wrote I little booklet , "Understanding Kom Tradition for Better Evangelization".  I am sharing with you what I wrote in this booklet. I hope it will be an eye opener to all of us.

python-300x200When the Kom people left Babessi and were led by a python to where they are now, the land was not empty. No the land were the Mendankwe people, Nkwen people, Mujang people, Bum and the Babanki  people. The first three groups did not want and trouble with the kom  people, so walked out of the land in peace. The fon of Kom each year will have to pay tributes to the  Fon of Bum and the fon of Babanki. After so many battles the fon of Kom whom many say was fon Yuh called  conference at Laikom. He invited the fon of Bum and the Fon of Babanki for peace talks. The conference ground is call (itimekind). Both fons honored the invitation and came with their delegations.

On the first day of the meeting the delegates said that since it is the fon of Kom who called the meeting it is important that the first place be given to him to speak or to address the conference. The fon of Kom took a whole day to talk. We do not know how long the meeting was but the fact is that after he spoke the meeting was tabled for the next day. This first day of the conference became known as (ITUK KOM).

The second day was given to the fon of Bum he also used the whole day to talk on how they can live in peace. The day became known as (ITUK ABUM).

The third day was dedicated to the Babanki fon after he spoke, the day became known as (ITUK KIJEM).

The fourth day is one of the days the Kom people were already moving with. It was (ITUK IVI NI KOM). Which means the day Kom people were killed. It is the day kom people were burnt in a house at Babessi. It is also a native Sunday in kom. You can call it a memorial day for those who were killed. Surely there were no talks on this day.

The fifth day is known as ( ITUK IVI SAMNE). It means the day of separation or the day of transfer. It is the day Kom people packed out of Babessi. They said we were never to separate with the Babessi people but because of the death of their brothers we have to leave. They left for a place call tsingong. At tsingong was a very powerful charm or traditional magical medicine which was transferred to Jikwin in Kom. Jikwin is where the Nkwen  people were living before leaving for where they are now.  It was at tsingong that the path of the  python appeared. 

The sixth day of the conference was on (ITUK IWE NJINIKOM). Before the talks this day was already there. It was a market  day in Njinikom where traders will come and trade by barter. Most of our ancestors came for this market and never went back.

The seventh day of the talks was the day resolutions were made and Kom people were given their freedom from paying tributes to the fons of Bum and Babanki  it was named ( ITUK TUO). Big Day.

On the eighth day the Kom people said we are tired . it is good to take a rest from  the busy week of talks and the joy of our freedom. The day was called (ITUK IBOLLE). The day of rest. It is also a native Sunday in kom. So each day was named after a main event of that day. Thanks

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