-          The Administration of Boyo and Etat Major
-          His Lordship Bishop George Nkuo/Biships and clergy here presence
-          The Mayors and Mps of Boyo
-          The Fons here present
-          The Ghi Bonteh, Ghi Bochong, Wointoh Kom, Ghi Bo Njongs+, Ntums+foin, Ches+ Kom, Ngwah Kom etc
-          Distinguished Invities, Ladies and Gentlemen.
You are all welcome to Laikom, the capital of the vast Kom Kingdom and the citadel of peace and legendary hospitality. 2017 marks my 23 years as supreme traditional ruler of the Kom people and the annals of history have already recognized me as the longest reigning post independent Fon of Kom. It is in this light that I have organized thiqs thanksgiving mass today to thank the Lord Almighty for the peace has been been reigning in my Fondom since my ascension to the Kom throne in 1994.
          Any person who organizes a thanksgiving Mass must have a story to tell. As the paramount Fon of Kom, I hold the Kingdom in trust to the Kom people to whom I owe a duty of accountability. My first story is about my achievements. During my reign, I have made some traditional amendments which have impacted positively on the lives of the Kom people. For example; mortuary ceremonies take place during the day, nkuo Kom has been reduced, people are buried in Yang Village, njongkom has been revitalized, ntums+foin and ghi bonteh diaspora have been appointed to bring Kom tradition closer to a Kom man regardless of his position on the globe etc. Special thanks go to my traditional subordinates, the village heads, for assisting me in the administration of the kingdom within their respective villages. 
             In the domain of infrastructure, the Kom palace has had a modern look. I wish to thank the Kom villages and elites who have been sparing no efforts in rehabilitating their first home, the Kom palace. In this respect I owe a special gratitude to: Plan Cameroon and LADU for providing Laikom with pipe Borne water, late Dr Timngem Peter, r=the Afoakom USA, Wain Bobo Rev. WilfreT Johnson, an African American who traced his roots to the Kom Kingdom and constructed/equipped a modern clinic for Laikom and its environs. In a very special way I wish to thank Ntumfoin Boh Herbert who personally took upon himself to reconstruct and rehabilitate some house/places in Laikom in order to give todays occasion, the pump and fanfare it deserves. As a fact the renovation work you see here today is thanks to Ntumfoin Boh Herbert. From this gesture, I am confident that the Kom Renaissance Project of Kom sons and daughters of the diaspora led by Ntumfoin Boh Herbert shall change Laikom into a paradise. I am also thankful to Professor NchindoKom Paul Nkwi for paring no efforts in mobilizing funds for the rehabilitation of the Kom palace under the banner KORODECO. I call on the Kom public/elites to give him the support he needs in his heavy task. While appreciating the efforts of the various stakeholders at rehabilitating and giving a modern lift to their palace which the emblem of their pride, I also call on well placed Kom sons and daughters to inform the international community that the Afoakom which made headlines in world news in 1973 has no lodge to live in. From every indication, a befitting lodge for Afoakom will be of immense touristic value. I am also thankful to Bobe Njua Mathew (Gua Kom) and his team for helping me in the mobilization of Njongkom Diaspora. It is not an over statement stating that yearly home comings like the instant one would have remained a dream if not the mobilization spirit of Gua Kom and his team. I recently appointed Bobe Njah Genesis Ngong as Bo Njonkom to replace the dead one and he has to work hands in glove with the executive of Njongkom Diaspora to push Njongkom to higher heights. Fon Jinabo II used to prophesize that the Kom tradition shall on day come home form abroad and we are living testimonies of this prophesy today. I am thankful to my sons and daughters at home and abroad who provided me with a NISSAN PATROL some years back. This car though already depreciating, has been very helpful in the execution of the daily duties of the Kingdom.
           His Lordship Bishop George Nkuo, Rev. Fathers, Rev. Pastor, the church came to the Kom Kingdom around 1915 and the Fon welcomed it and gave it land to build on. If today I can boast of a Bishop, so many Rev. Fathers and Rev. Pastors, why should I not give God the glory? The fact that today’s officiating Bishop is my Son/nephew identifies the extend to which Christianity has infested the Kom Kingdom. This is further corroborated by the fact that one of the Kom prince whom the public considers as “juju dancers”, “Nonentities” and “hooligans” is a Rev. Pastor of high repute and intellect who occupies a prominent position within the CNBC. I am also thankful to my Muslim sons and daughters who inhabit the hills of the Kom kingdom. These children through their Ardos have always provided me with meat each time there is an occasion.
             His Lordship, clergy and public, one of the main aims of today’s Holy Mass is to ask God to protect and bless all those who have contributed to the physical, traditional, moral, social, intellectual and spiritual development of the Kom Kingdom during my reign.
        My dear sons and daughters, distinguished ladies and gentlemen; considering that we are living in the 21st century which is a modern era, it will be a big lie if I claim that I have not encountered many challenges in the course of the protection of the custom and tradition of the Kom people on your behalf. The greatest of these challenges being the wrangling over the Anyajua and Mbam Royal Compounds which has threatened to disrupt peace in the Kom Kingdom for more than two decades now. According to the customs and traditions of the Kom people, traditional appointments to the Kom Royal compounds are made by the Paramount Fon of Kom not necessary based on blood relations. Unfortunately, the pages of Kom history have already documented that Fon Vincent YUH II was the first Kom Fon in whose reign people usurped royal compounds and thereby breached the normal procedure of succession to Royal compounds. The persons have concocted claims that are at variance with Kom tradition of succession in justifying their usurpation of royal compounds. And with their “heavy envelopes” and self style doctrine of “capability” especially in an era where people are no judged in terms of honesty and truth but on the weight of their envelopes, these usurpers are ready to buy the Kom throne and even went to an extend of announcing my death last December in order to proceed with their diabolic bubbling selfish ambition.
           My dear sons and daughters, the Kom kingdom practices a matrilineal system of succession in which heirs to the throne in particular and to any other compound in general are known at birth long before their turn rule. In other words Laikom is ocular proof of Kom matriliny and if we permit disorder to start at Laikom, it shall eventually visit any other Kom compound and posterity shall dame us in our graves for permitting disorder and disrupting the peace that has reigned in this Kingdom for centuries thanks to a smooth peaceful transition from Fon to Fon chosen within certified Kom Royal lineage Ndoh-Fukuin or thanks to a well defined pattern of succession that moves strictly from blood brother to blood brother or form blood uncle to blood nephew.
         Being a leader who plans for the next generation as opposed to politicians who plans for the next elections, I recently presided over an occasion provided in our tradition; the replacement of the deceased kingmakers (Nkfen  and Waindum). The choice of the new kingmakers in the persons of Bobe BAMA Emmanuel Ngam and Bobe Ephraim Lawyer Ajoff was made in the presence of princes/princesses and anointed by me Fon Yuh II. Thi s was in keepings with the tradition. Their role is to participate in the “holding” and enstoolment of the new Fon. This is to ensure legitimacy built of consanguineous principle that has stood the test of time. The Kom people do not dispute that the Ikui clan like any other Kom clan has many lineages but not all lineages are entitled to provide Fons; because the consanguineous principle has eliminated many in the past and will continue to be applied as the tradition call for. According to Kom matrilineal succession, lineages without female uterine relatives usually end a cul-de sac. I also wish to state categorically that the opportunistic presence of usurpers in royal compounds does not profoundly link them to Ndoh-Fukuin than the other calm Ikui persons and that their claim of “closeness” carries no water because closeness to something does not constitute being part of it. Kingmakers are archives of Kom tradition and their role with the backing of Kom kwifoyn is to ensure Kom principles of succession are respected stricto senso. Fortunately, the Kom dynasty has a peculiar system of succession where potential heirs to throne are chronologically known in advance and Kingmakers are there just to execute what is already known to the Kom people. Since the foundation of the Kom dynasty in the 18th century, there has never been a dispute over succession and any one planning to do so, will be inviting the anger of our ancestors and the gods of the land.
        My dear sons and daughters, permit me to use this golden opportunity to thank the Kom princes/princesses for standing firm behind me in defending the Kom customs and traditions through multiple declarations written to the administration/Government on the subject of wrangling over royal compounds. I have written so many oppositions on royal compounds and from every ramification, if the Kom princes did not satnd firm behind me on this subject, I would have failed in my duty as the guarantor of the customs and traditions of my people for the Government might have been misled into reclassifying the usurpers of royal compounds, there by encouraging usurpation in the Kom kingdom. I also wish to seize this opportunity to thank anthropologist Prof Paul Nkwi and all those who have been documenting Kom customs, traditions and history for this is a surer way of safeguarding our destiny and identity which are being violently distorted today by adventurers for their selfish royal ambitions.
            My dear sons and daughters, wrangling over royal compounds is not a family issue but a broad day light attack on Kom tradition and every Kom man is aware of this fact. While appreciating the honest Kom persons who are condemning this violent attack of our tradition, I wish to call on some of my elite to through away hypocrisy and join me in fighting this cankerworm that is gradually tearing the Kingdom apart. Of course you do not fight for Kinship by challenging the powers of the king because if you succeed, nobody shall respect you as king.
          I also wish to remark that I have been receiving advice from various quarters to reconcile with the usurpers of royal compounds by confirming them in such compounds. While thanking the authors of such advice, I wish to state clearly that this wrangling is deeper than meets the ordinary eye and that the best form of reconciliation is for usurpers to quit royal compounds. Reconciliation by confirmation is tantamount to providing a fertile ground for horrible wrangling tomorrow and thus a fuelling of the wrangling. Of course, if you recognize the usurper of a faction of your estate as its “true owner” (whatever that means) he shall gradually own your estate. Put differently, I Fon YUH II shall not cut the tail of a tiger and attached on the anus of a fox in the name of reconciliation by confirmation.
    I also wish to use this unique opportunity to acknowledge and immensely thank the administration of Boyo for the various steps it has taken to see to it that the wrangling over some Kom royal compounds come to an end. However, issues at stake do compel me to think that many at times the administration had been deliberately misinformed on this subject by the usurpers of royal compound who from every indication are blatant liars and dishonest ungrateful persons whose principle target is to blackmail Laikom in order to satisfy their farfetched anti-traditional royal ambitions. I also wish to remind the administration that my position as the custodian of the customs and traditions of the Kom people makes me the principle adviser of the administration on traditional issues and do pray the administration uses me as such. This is because traditional advice from questionable sources might be quite misleading and thereby making the civil and traditional administration to be having opposite views on issues and this is not good for the development of the Fondom and the Division.
                His lordship and clergy, my dear sons and daughters, distinguished ladies and gentlemen, another main aim of this Holy Mass is to ask God to forgive usurpers of Kom royal compounds and instill the spirit of honesty and truth in their minds. As a fact, their degree of lies telling and dishonesty needs divine intervention and I have the strong believe that after this Holy Mass, the hand of God shall touch their hearts and they shall honestly park out of my royal compounds. 
              His Lordship Bishop George Nkuo/Bishops/clergy, distinguished ladies and gentlemen; the Africans believe that a good, truthful and honest person lives longer than dubious and bad person and that a good king rules for a longer time than a bad one. This explains why despite the difficulties of today and tomorrow, I do thank God for my age while being proud to have entered the annals of history as one of the good kings of the Kom kingdom. I have been ruling the Kingdom for almost 23 years with my Holy Rosary and today, I am asking God to continue to bless my Kingdom with food, fertility, prosperity and that my children fror;  across the globe should continue to leave in peace, love and harmony.
“Isangl+ ibeng ifi”
“Wain wul Kom tim av+ a iti, a kfil+ k+-iti”
Fon Vincent Yuh II

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