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Re:  [AFOaKOM] Re: Kom Names & their Meanings

We should be careful with Kom Names and meanings.
I will want Komrades to understand first the origin of their families (Asiah-Ndohsiy) we in KOM come from many different family backgrounds and all of us have sentimental attachments to our families especially maternal,
All KOM families today derived their origin from some where, these few examples can help, Ndo-oh-Mbiybah from Baba in Ndop, the Ndo-oh-Nambang from Akung in Menchum, the Ndo-oh-Titichia from Nkar Bui, the Ndo-oh-Kijem  was subdued by the Ikui on present Kom land, the Ndo-oh –Abena, the Ndo-oh –Akang , the Ndo-oh-Mejang these are just few examples.

Names originated from the various families in Kom, may not have a direct meaning or have quite a different meaning in the KOM language because where these families originated from have their own languages that have nothing to do with the Kom langauege.
For some one to trace the meaning of a name he should first of all trace the source of the family.
I will give some few examples of names that have their direct meanings in their original Clans.
1 NYIWUL is a name in Kom from Nso meaning (One’s God) (NYUIWIR)
2 NKFUM is a name in Kom from NSO meaning (notable) (KFEM)
3 MBUWUL has the same meaning in KOM like in NSO (MBUWIR)
 If we go to Kijem we will find the meaning of NGWAINMBI as well as in Baba we will find the meaning of Nalih, Tobah, others will come from Babungo Babessi, Bamessing, Mbengkas, Bafut, Wum, Nyong
Kom names come from various parts of the world.
Why the Koms decided to keep an oral record of all the families in Kom was to avoid none blood relation accessing the Kom throne.
These are just few examples. We easily trace names that do not match with the KOM language settings; it does not mean these are not names or the do not have meanings.
What is a name by the way?
A name is a label labelled on some one when he or she is brought to life and during his life, some of the labelling is done in consideration of family background, the situation the mother or couple found its self before bringing to life some one.
The name NKUO directly means basket in the Kom language but Nkuo does not mean basket in the original language where NKUO came from.
You will not find the meanings of many names in Kom until you research.

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