-          The Administration of Boyo and Etat Major
-          His Lordship Bishop George Nkuo/Biships and clergy here presence
-          The Mayors and Mps of Boyo
-          The Fons here present
-          The Ghi Bonteh, Ghi Bochong, Wointoh Kom, Ghi Bo Njongs+, Ntums+foin, Ches+ Kom, Ngwah Kom etc
-          Distinguished Invities, Ladies and Gentlemen.
You are all welcome to Laikom, the capital of the vast Kom Kingdom and the citadel of peace and legendary hospitality. 2017 marks my 23 years as supreme traditional ruler of the Kom people and the annals of history have already recognized me as the longest reigning post independent Fon of Kom. It is in this light that I have organized thiqs thanksgiving mass today to thank the Lord Almighty for the peace has been been reigning in my Fondom since my ascension to the Kom throne in 1994.
          Any person who organizes a thanksgiving Mass must have a story to tell. As the paramount Fon of Kom, I hold the Kingdom in trust to the Kom people to whom I owe a duty of accountability. My first story is about my achievements. During my reign, I have made some traditional amendments which have impacted positively on the lives of the Kom people. For example; mortuary ceremonies take place during the day, nkuo Kom has been reduced, people are buried in Yang Village, njongkom has been revitalized, ntums+foin and ghi bonteh diaspora have been appointed to bring Kom tradition closer to a Kom man regardless of his position on the globe etc. Special thanks go to my traditional subordinates, the village heads, for assisting me in the administration of the kingdom within their respective villages. 
             In the domain of infrastructure, the Kom palace has had a modern look. I wish to thank the Kom villages and elites who have been sparing no efforts in rehabilitating their first home, the Kom palace. In this respect I owe a special gratitude to: Plan Cameroon and LADU for providing Laikom with pipe Borne water, late Dr Timngem Peter, r=the Afoakom USA, Wain Bobo Rev. WilfreT Johnson, an African American who traced his roots to the Kom Kingdom and constructed/equipped a modern clinic for Laikom and its environs. In a very special way I wish to thank Ntumfoin Boh Herbert who personally took upon himself to reconstruct and rehabilitate some house/places in Laikom in order to give todays occasion, the pump and fanfare it deserves. As a fact the renovation work you see here today is thanks to Ntumfoin Boh Herbert. From this gesture, I am confident that the Kom Renaissance Project of Kom sons and daughters of the diaspora led by Ntumfoin Boh Herbert shall change Laikom into a paradise. I am also thankful to Professor NchindoKom Paul Nkwi for paring no efforts in mobilizing funds for the rehabilitation of the Kom palace under the banner KORODECO. I call on the Kom public/elites to give him the support he needs in his heavy task. While appreciating the efforts of the various stakeholders at rehabilitating and giving a modern lift to their palace which the emblem of their pride, I also call on well placed Kom sons and daughters to inform the international community that the Afoakom which made headlines in world news in 1973 has no lodge to live in. From every indication, a befitting lodge for Afoakom will be of immense touristic value. I am also thankful to Bobe Njua Mathew (Gua Kom) and his team for helping me in the mobilization of Njongkom Diaspora. It is not an over statement stating that yearly home comings like the instant one would have remained a dream if not the mobilization spirit of Gua Kom and his team. I recently appointed Bobe Njah Genesis Ngong as Bo Njonkom to replace the dead one and he has to work hands in glove with the executive of Njongkom Diaspora to push Njongkom to higher heights. Fon Jinabo II used to prophesize that the Kom tradition shall on day come home form abroad and we are living testimonies of this prophesy today. I am thankful to my sons and daughters at home and abroad who provided me with a NISSAN PATROL some years back. This car though already depreciating, has been very helpful in the execution of the daily duties of the Kingdom.
           His Lordship Bishop George Nkuo, Rev. Fathers, Rev. Pastor, the church came to the Kom Kingdom around 1915 and the Fon welcomed it and gave it land to build on. If today I can boast of a Bishop, so many Rev. Fathers and Rev. Pastors, why should I not give God the glory? The fact that today’s officiating Bishop is my Son/nephew identifies the extend to which Christianity has infested the Kom Kingdom. This is further corroborated by the fact that one of the Kom prince whom the public considers as “juju dancers”, “Nonentities” and “hooligans” is a Rev. Pastor of high repute and intellect who occupies a prominent position within the CNBC. I am also thankful to my Muslim sons and daughters who inhabit the hills of the Kom kingdom. These children through their Ardos have always provided me with meat each time there is an occasion.
             His Lordship, clergy and public, one of the main aims of today’s Holy Mass is to ask God to protect and bless all those who have contributed to the physical, traditional, moral, social, intellectual and spiritual development of the Kom Kingdom during my reign.
        My dear sons and daughters, distinguished ladies and gentlemen; considering that we are living in the 21st century which is a modern era, it will be a big lie if I claim that I have not encountered many challenges in the course of the protection of the custom and tradition of the Kom people on your behalf. The greatest of these challenges being the wrangling over the Anyajua and Mbam Royal Compounds which has threatened to disrupt peace in the Kom Kingdom for more than two decades now. According to the customs and traditions of the Kom people, traditional appointments to the Kom Royal compounds are made by the Paramount Fon of Kom not necessary based on blood relations. Unfortunately, the pages of Kom history have already documented that Fon Vincent YUH II was the first Kom Fon in whose reign people usurped royal compounds and thereby breached the normal procedure of succession to Royal compounds. The persons have concocted claims that are at variance with Kom tradition of succession in justifying their usurpation of royal compounds. And with their “heavy envelopes” and self style doctrine of “capability” especially in an era where people are no judged in terms of honesty and truth but on the weight of their envelopes, these usurpers are ready to buy the Kom throne and even went to an extend of announcing my death last December in order to proceed with their diabolic bubbling selfish ambition.
1. Jinabo Nak+nt+ Nandong.................................................... +- 1730 to +-1788
2. Kumambong Nange Bo Nak+nt+ Nandong......................................... 1788-1800
3. Nkuo Yimbum Nange Bo Nak+nt+ Nandong....................................... 1800-1815
4. Nkwain Nindum Yimbum Nange Bo Nak+nt+ Nandong............................... 1815-1830
5. Tufoin Nayah Nindum Yimbum Nange Bo Nak+nt+ Nandong......................... 1830-1855
6. Kimeng Nayah Nindum Yimbum Nange Bo Nak+nt+ Nandong..........................1855-1865
7. Yuh Funkuin Nain Nayah Nindum Yimbum Nange Bo Nak+nt+ Nandong.................1865-1912
8. Ngam Kuoh Funkuin Nain Nayah Nindum Yimbum Nange Bo Nak+nt+ Nandong........... 1912-1926
9. Ndzi Kuoh Funkuin Nain Nayah Nindum Yimbum Nange Bo Nak+nt+ Nandong............ 1926-1954
10. Lo-ah Nengsha Funkuin Nain Nayah Nindum Yimbum Nange Bo Nak+nt+ Nandong........ 1954-1966
11. Nsom Ngwe Funkuin Nain Nayah Nindum Yimbum Nange Bo Nak+nt+ Nandong............ 1966-1974
12. Jinabo Fintia Nkwain Funkuin Nain Nayah Nindum Yimbum Nange Bo Nak+nt+ Nandong ....1974-1989
13. Yibain Finyang Nengsha Funkuin Nain Nayah Nindum Yimbum Nange Bo Nak+nt+ Nandong.... 1989-1994
14. Yuh Nih Fintia Nkwain Funkuin Nain Nayah Nindum Yimbum Nange Bo Nak+nt+ Nandong...... 1994 to present.
Note: In Kom kingdom,the name of a child is suffixed by that of its maternal descent and this accounts for the above sentence names.
Source: "Ndoh-Funkuin" - The Kom Royal Family

By Yerima Kini Nsom
The rumbling gongs of Kwifoyn thundered deafeningly. Other instruments did the synergy, producing some kind of weird music that is in tandem with the mythical ideology of the Kom Kwifoyn.
Basking in rhapsodies, the “nikangs” ululate in all mellifluity. “Ouuuhu, Ouuuhu!;” they roared from their fief at the Kwifoyn compound. This was the atmosphere that greeted visitors to the Kom traditional capital, Laikom, during festive periods. That was then-when Laikom was Laikom in all its ramifications and aura. That was when Laikom, in whose bowels the Kom palace resides, had not yet been dispatched to the dustbin of past glories. That was when that destination of the mythical python trail still had the remnants of the tanangkoli era.
         Abiding cold pierced into your bone marrow when you arrived at the Itinilah, the first neighbourhood at Laikom. That was when climate change had not yet turned things upside down. A violent breeze did a gentle rock dance with the trees in the patches of forest around.

Tifôyn ti Kom

Iziyn i fôyn

tu’ i Sa’ni

Njinà I






Yû’ I





Njinà II


Yû’ II















               Source : Mìchi mikom 2005