"Credits are issued in the form of paper-vouchers that can pass from hand to hand as payment for goods and services."

There are only three ways to create wealth:

  1. manufacturing
  2. agriculture
  3. minerals

And Kom has all three of these potentials.


Think of anything that is originally "made in Kom" (even by hand) and make a list of these. Are these things in demand anywhere? Has Kom done any marketing/promotion of these things to anyone? If this is done will this increase demand and therefore jumpstart a sort of manufacturing base?


Well this is an oxymoron. Kom is agriculture. And a few smart people are making a lot of money in this field. Are they not? If Kom does not use its land to farm, then ghel atum will take it over and do it.


No gold? No diamonds? But wait - we have stones ... and plenty of them too. A few people are quietly making money with trips of stones. Now the question is, if a stone is taken from Komland and sold, does the Kom child benefit from the sale of components from its real estate. In other words, does the Kom child actually have any share (present or future) in the soil, earth, flore and fauna of the land of its birth? All Kom parents should be concerned about what kind of Kom their grand children will live in - one where a chinese is teaching them how to make katii-katii?