June 20, 2010
By Wanaku

Traditional Leadership – Representation vs. Change. What to do?

Ntumfoyn – Fon’s Messenger?

I want to thank all who are generous with their time and knowledge/experiences invarious aspects of Kom tradition/culture. Especially those with privy to the right information and those of our elders who have made an extra effort to become IT-savvy enough to share their Kom-KnowHow in digital format and online. The subject of “NtumFoyn” seems to be in the spotlight (as do other subjects), with no exit in sight. Permit me to learn some more by thinking aloud and asking even more questions.

The rippling effects of change

Every generation comes face to face with new challenges that have to be overcome one way or the other.  Sometimes it is a question of survival, and more likely a question of what one can call “functional existence”.  The current discussions/questions/answers/exchanges on the subject of “NtumFoyn”, imho is one of those. There are several others. Infact the list could be endless – including various aspects of daily living from birth through life to death.  Let me explain.

Functional existence
By functional existence I mean that on a general scale humans exist in groups by default, and they will more likely gravitate towards social organization. “Man is a social animal”. So it is not strange that as a people, Kom citizens would be caught up in a situation where there are questions about the who/what/which/whom/where of the social entity called Kom. The situation is made more complex by quaking changes in the fabric of Kom internally and externally. Socio-economic, political and technological changes only add fuel to the fire. The question is: will Kom survive the changes and come out stronger, weaker or non-existent?

I am so excited to see how much has been done within such a short while.

"Thank You" KOMrades, dearly for this display of hard work.

Very often people talk and try to do things. I am very optimistic and I have experienced quite a lot of people who give their best but fail in every aspect. I have never doubted that KOMrades are capable of doing this. At one time I wrote in our open forum about how I believe KOMrades "would" follow their python and pretend they "would" enter Bobe Obama`s Land even without a "VISA". "Wul-a-tum" might be saying: "No! no, no way. you can`t come-in though!" But a KOMrades "would" pretend this land must change the name to "K.." so that he comes in just because his "stupid, foolish, etc" animal has come in! Don`t believe me? I would still say this again!

Now, I really go around to different places/countries/etc to teach, share in conferences. I see and learn quite a lot of new things and see some people with a different approach things (lately in Japan) but I have really never seen a people that possesses such motivations and will to work hard like us.