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"Ayongni a kia a woin ghem"

My dear Sons and Daughters,

Accept my greetings, where ever this mail will meet you and extend same to your families, friends and their families too. I hope that you and your family members are all of good health because I pray for you on a daily basis. I know that the gods of our land are with you all.

I want to say thank you to all of you because you have made me to be realizing my dream gradually. I was surprised on the 3rd to 5th of January with the number of Kom sons and daughters who turned out in the palace for something that came to my mind just about a month to those days – the celebration of my 20th anniversary as the Paramount Fon of Kom, the celebration of the centenary of the death of Fon Yuh I, the annual meeting of Njongsi Kom and also to reawaken our Kom annual dance, which was fondly called “ibin I kom”. I will like to thank everyone who came out (those in Kom, those from out of Kom and those from the diaspora). I particularly appreciate those who came from out of Kom and the diaspora because my uncle Fon Njinabo II used to tell me that the Kom culture will be revived and brought back to Kom by those who are out of Kom and I started to see this during this occassion.

Though 2013 ended up very badly to the me in particular and the Kom people in general as we lost some of our illustrious sons, meaning that we stepped into 2014 with heavy hearts, I honestly do not know what made the celebrations to be successful, but one thing I believe is that it was due to all your contributions. May the souls of these my sons continue to rest in peace.

I want to thank all the committees that were set up to work towards these celebrations because they all worked tirelessly to make the occasion successful. When I came out to the ceremonial ground (“iweh I jang”), I was shocked to see the level of preparations and when I asked to know what had happened, I was told that the logistic committee spearheaded by the Mayor of Fundong Council had changed the face of the ceremonial ground and had also provided parking space as well as cleaned up the road to the palace. Seeing the population, I was also marveled at the turn out and was informed that the Mayors of Belo, Njinikom and Fundong helped to mobilize and also collect village dues to support the celebrations. I also want to thank those who were in charge of communication both in Kom and out of Kom because up to this day people still stream into the palace to visit and see for themselves what they saw on about the Kom culture and the Kom Palace. This means that communication is a very powerful tool to promote the culture of Kom. For this reason I will want to thank especially my sons and daughters who live in Yaoundé who used their position to maximize the use of the national media to announce the event, highlighting the importance of the Afo a Kom , making Kom to be widely known and promoting our rich culture.

To all my title holders (Bobe Kwifion, Chisidoh, Ghi Bo Tehsi, Nforemes, Gha Kom, Fon’s Representatives out of Kom, Ghi Bo Chong, Ntumsi Foin, Ghi Bo Njongsi, Ghi Bo mokum, Ghiisi Njong, Ghi Na Njong, Tah Manjongsi, owners of Dalla Njong, etc.) I thank them immensely because I was told that some of them respected my circular which highlighted what each person should give in to support the occasion. The Finance committee which was led by Gha Kom is still waiting for those who did not have the opportunity to give in their contribution to do so. I will also like to appreciate all the Kom Elite (they know themselves), for their constant support to me at all times. I do not know how I can thank Bishop Nkuo for what he did by starting the occasion with the Word of God. The Gospel he gave was very timely and I know God is going to answer all the prayers said on that day. This was well appreciated by everyone who was there and it stands out as an example to other Fons who were present to know that the Word of God is supreme.

I will also take this particular time to thank my sons and daughter who are out of Cameroon. They have given the palace a new phase by constructing a rest house in the palace, which was very useful during this occasion because I could easily host my guest there. I hope you saw my last letter which was channeled through Bobe Boh Herbert to all of you who are members of this forum. I know you got the message and also extended it to those of your brothers and sister who are not members of the forum. Ayongni a kia. I know you are still preparing more of such projects for the palace

I think that we can keep going ahead with such success if we continue to work together, by reinforcing and using the existing committees that were created during the last event. Anyone who will like to join any of the committees or has an idea to support future organization of events like the last one should indicate directly through this address. I cannot succeed in doing in anything without your rich suggestions because I am only here to represent you and this place is owned by all of you. This is why I keep praying for good health for all of you.

During my 20 years as the Paramount Fon of Kom, I have gone round Cameroon. Through these visits I have seen that Kom sons and daughters are very united and development oriented. I have had the opportunity to lay the foundation stones for halls in Yaounde, Douala, Ebolowa, etc and I hope that someday I will also be able to lay another foundation stone for a Kom hall out of Cameroon because you are capable of doing great things. During these visits I discovered that my sons and daughters are united under one development and cultural banner, though with different names in different areas. I will therefore like to suggest that you come up with a Kom national development association like KOMCUDA for example, which will have a national executive and can organize yearly development and cultural events at home. I think it will be easier if the existing presidents (both men and women) of these groupings in the different areas, cultural advisers and all Fons Representatives in these areas can come together and look at the feasibility of such an association so as to make useful suggestions for a way forward. This will also help to unite us more and more and also enable us to know one another. I believe you will know better than me therefore, those who have suggestions about this can send them through this address directly, not through the forum so I can channel to those who will sit to plan a way forward, or they can contact the existing presidents in their areas.

To conclude I will say that through development the internet has come and I have seen that my sons and daughters are using this to communicate to each other. I have been following up all your contributions about the development of Kom and the palace keenly. This has caused me to admire and join the forum through which I can always communicate to you and you can also send your suggestions directly to me through this address and not through the general forum. This will enable me to act on them promptly.

To end, I will like to request that all of us should take a moment of silence to remember the Fon of Achain who has recently joined his ancestors.

“Yi fang ajung a woin ghem”

Fon Vincent Yuh II
Paramount Ruler of Kom

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