Culled from a post in This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in 2001.    


1) Yaounde Nchisendo visit Laikom

About 14 chisendo all from Yaounde paid a visit to Laikom on Saturday March 17 to celebrate with the Fon the "njang" feast.  Once a foyn is enstooled, he must craved his own njang which will be buried along with him when he dies. So the present foyn has taken njang  serious. On the traditional sunday, people meet to wine, feast and dance  late into the night. The chisendo of Yaounde were asked to provide the food and the drink but not the dance. So we did.

2) Kom is without an active government ( kwifoyn).

Now, two weeks ago, the foyn and kwifoyn broke ranks and kwifoyn resigned from its functional duties and the foyn accepted the resignation, saying the woyn nto will assist him in ruling Kom. (Now, note here that kwifoyn is responsible for the organisation and performance of rituals and within the next couple of weeks, some of the major rituals with the performed. By whom? )

A new association of Princes and Princess has just been formed in Kom: According to Kom rules and regulations every foyn on acccesion chooses one of the princes to join kwifoyn, and unlike other chiefdoms in the north-west, there is no organisation for the princes but they are free to join any of ther royal lodges. There are NGIRIS in Nso and other places but not in Kom. How will the new body function with the Kom context? Can it perform functions that are not within their powers? Wait and see.